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About Us

The Birth of Wolf Gelato

To pay tribute to it’s origins, Wolf Gelato inherits the national animal of Italy – ‘The Wolf’, as
a symbol of our loyalty and guardianship to create high quality indulgence that’s not just
healthy, but refreshingly tasty. It’s also what our colors (yellow & white) stand for as we’re huge lovers of everything that is fresh, positive and filled with joyful energy.

From the first spoonful to the ever last, every batch is passionately crafted with the finest
ingredients imported from Italy and across the globe, to create flavors that are both exquisite and exciting, yet simply creamier, smoother and scrumptiously-delicious.


We’re on a mission to spread happiness. 

Happiness that is guilt-free and healthily made. Indulge at every moment in life.

Our Creation: A Healthier Choice

As many would often preach – Desserts are bad for you! 
We however, beg to differ.
We believe desserts can be guilt-free, and we also believe that everyone can have a blissful balance between the things that keep us healthy and the moments that make us happy.
You’ll find each recipe to be just as heavenly as the last, with every one of them surprising your taste buds in the most delightfully pleasing manner.
Healthier Choice